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Beltway Wisdom. How Stuff Works

Posted by Matt on Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Well done, Mother Jones.

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Protecting Real America’s Daughters – By Valor, Arms And Use Of The Word ‘Boy’

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

...and bringing your black boyfriend to thanksgiving, only to deal with the constant head shakes of your grandparents.

In Mississippi, they believe in the marriage of red beans & rice, biscuits & gravy, car frames & cinder blocks, shotguns & whiskey, not to mention the insipidly unnatural union of grits + maple syrup. But these are all inanimate objects whose commingling rights are protected by the Constitution via Citizens’ United and their obese, lobbyist governor. Oblobbernor?

teh whites peoples and teh coloreds peoples? Well.

In a PPP poll released Thursday, a 46% plurality of registered Republican voters said they thought interracial marriage was not just wrong, but that it should be illegal. 40% said interracial marriage should be legal.

Also, there will be no marriages on Dale Earnhardt’s birthday or deathday. These hilljacks hope to have their anti-miscegenation laws back in place before Usher’s 2011 Summer Tour.

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