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Posted by Matt on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

South Beach, 2025

(originally posted 2/10/10) then again (7/9/10) now one more time before retirement. for love.

UPDATE: So it’s as hot as fuck out east because, you know, it’s July. Anyway, I’m just checking in because although You Know and I Know daily mid-Atlantic microtrends in weather do not offer any proof or disproof with regard to climate change, some people with soapboxes and microphones evidently lost that perspective last winter. I just wanted to see if the pendulum-of-idiocy had swung in the other direction. Predictably, it hasn’t. Science deniers remain scientifically dipshits. too bad.

I was expecting a contrite James Inhofe & Family to be building a series of solar-powered sand castles labeled “Gore Village.” But to no avail.

For the record, NASA determined 2009 to be the 2nd warmest year on record.


…but thankfully, global warming will have nothing to do with it. According to these experts, 2 February snowstorms in the Mid-Atlantic mean climate change is a fable because that’s where all the myopic politicians live.

Exhibit A – Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC):

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) on Tuesday used the D.C. snowstorm to make a political jab, saying that it provides evidence for global warming skeptics.

“It’s going to keep snowing in DC until Al Gore cries “uncle,” the conservative Senator tweeted on Twitter.

Zing! Exhibit B - Dr. Sean Hannity:

“It’s the most severe winter storm in years, which would seem to contradict Al Gore’s hysterical global warming theories.”

Pile on! Let’s hear from Exhibit C, the man with the B.A. + real estate background, the Senate’s biggest amateur scientist and denier of climate change who just happened to get close to $1m from oil companies over the last decade…a guy who keeps his garage heated at 90F just to be an asshole. I present Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK):

The Oklahoma Republican’s daughter, Molly Rapert; her husband, Jimmy; and their four children built an igloo — roomy enough to fit several people inside — at Third Street and Independence Avenue Southeast. They officially dedicated the humble abode in honor of global-warming crusader Gore, even posting a cardboard sign on the igloo’s roof reading “AL GORE’S NEW HOME” on one side and “HONK IF YOU [HEART] GLOBAL WARMING” on the other. Inhofe told HOH that he found his family’s ironic tribute to Gore — which came during one of Washington’s snowiest winters on record — “really humorous.”

Hey-o!  Looks like someone inherited the knack for building houses. While these hilarious antics are considered good-natured for the GOP, the air horns of faulty causal relationships wouldn’t be complete without a meek Democrat running for the slopes…

Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) said the blizzards that have shut down Congress have made it more difficult to argue that global warming is an imminent danger.

“It makes it more challenging for folks not taking time to review the scientific arguments,” said Bingaman, who as the chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee has jurisdiction over energy and climate change issues.

“People see the world around them and they extrapolate,” Bingaman said. “I think that it’s hard to see an economy-wide cap-and-trade [proposal] of the type that passed the House could prevail,” he added, though he suggested a more limited alternative could have a better chance.

Totally! Getting stuff done is just so hard with all these Republicans talking out of their asses. Since the Media is going to treat these campaign slogans as legitimate scientific criticism, I guess I might as well defer to these idiots, tuck my tail between my snowpants, head back to Santa Fe, and sit on my roof with a fucking shovel.

At the risk of hitting my head against the wall, can we venture to agree that one infantesimally small sample size of weather does not an established theory break?

When asked,  Bingham could’ve done his own cherry-picking: Last month was the hottest January on record; Last decade was the warmest on record; There’s no snow in Canada and the Winter Olympics are going to start in 3 days. Holy Shit! The Olympics need snow??!! How will we determine which country is best at chasing someone on skis while firing a gun?! Mary Matalin + Donna Brazile, you are neither scientists or athletes. Your thoughts?

With so many issues that deserve constructive debate, it’s fantastic that we can take the time to manufacture an issue out of a 20-yr global scientific consensus. This country is hilarious. Stay warm.

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Tammy Duckworth Hands Thieving Contractor His Ass

Posted by Matt on Thursday, June 27th, 2013

When they enter civilian life, disabled military veterans receive certain preferences if applying for military contracts.  There are various public policy arguments in support of this policy.  And then there’s Braulio Castillo.

Castillo is the owner of Strong Castle, a computer company that picks up a lot of government work.  According to their website:

Strong Castle, Inc is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and a Minority Owned Small Business that has been providing Information Technology solutions to commercial and Government clients since 1994. Strong Castle, Inc specializes in Internet Configuration and Security, Network Design and Configuration, Help Desk Support, Configuration Management, Applications Development, Database Interfaces and Web Enabled Services.

So what was the injury this Hero endured during his selfless sacrifice for our freedomz?

Castillo injured his ankle in fall 1984 during his year at the U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School, but would play quarterback and linebacker the next year at the University of San Diego, according to a 157-page report Tuesday by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which will hold a hearing on the contract Wednesday.

The report said high school football players recruited to play at West Point sometimes enroll in the prep school for a fifth year of high school to “redshirt” and prepare to play college football. Castillo’s injury happened during an orienteering exercise, and his nine months at the prep school represent the entirety of his military career, according to the report.

Since purchasing Strong Castle, Castillo mislead VA administrators with sob stories about his poor poor toe-sies for many years in order to access government contracts through VA’s Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business program.  Here’s a particularly loathesome piece

Castillo told a VA examiner weighing the company’s application for entry into the set-aside program about the “crosses I bear due to my service to our great country,” according to the report.

So Castillo has procured approximately $500 million in IRS I.T. contracts through his Veteran-Disability status and connections within the IRS.  By a technicality, it looks like his status is warranted so he can’t be held criminally liable for fraud. Which is unfortunate. However, after the public shaming Rep. Duckworth laid on Castillo yesterday, I’m not sure if the contracts will continue to flow.  Please watch the smackdown.

Tammy Duckworth, winner once again.

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Discrimination Is Over, Guys! We Did It!

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Parsing out which of the Supreme Court’s decisions has been the most terrible over the last week is yeoman’s work.  While many Americans might not grab the pitchforks over the issue of class action arbitration, the Court continues to fluff the Chamber of Commerce with opinion after opinion.

Still, any tears that will be shed for the continued decimation of consumer and employee rights will be overwhelmed by those shed for the Voting Rights Act.

And it makes sense.

The 14th and 15th Amendments state that ‘Congress shall have the power to enforce’ voting rights and equal protection. In an effort to stem a century of voter discrimination, disenfranchisement and intimidation, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act in 1965 and has routinely reaffirmed it since.  It was most recently  reauthorized in 2006 by a combined 488-33 or 94 percent of Congress.  This includes a 98-0 margin in the Senate.  Even Mitch McConnell voted for it, though he might not remember.

Today, the Roberts Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act and essentially neutered Section 5.  Section 5 prohibits certain states and jurisdictions with histories of voting discrimination from enforcing changes to their election procedures until the changes have been reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) or a federal court through a process called “preclearance.” Section 4 outlines who will be subject to the heightened standard.

I recommend reading Roberts’ opinion and Ginsburg’s ass-kicking dissent.  Roberts, a longtime opponent of the VRA,  uses circular logic and essentially determines, “Hey, there is no discrimination in these places anymore. huzzah! So even though these registration numbers may have improved as a result of the VRA, we deem the VRA is no longer needed. Also, there are black elected officials!” (Just like during Reconstruction before Rutherford B. Hayes’ controversial 1876 election resulted in the removal of federal troops, but I digress.)

Roberts concludes, “It’s on you, Congress, to determine a better formula because the South isn’t racist anymore.” (It is.)  ”And good luck with that because you’re functioning at such a high level.”

Ginsburg’s dissent? “You’re full of shit. This is a well-established power in the purview of Congress.  It says it right there!”

But does the Majority have a point?  Ya know, why these states? I mean, the inexcusably long lines that disenfranchised hundreds-of-thousands of voters in 2012 were most notably in Florida and Ohio, two states not subject to preclearance.

Why? (1) Maybe there’s a lesson there.  (2) Because of history. A dark and terrible history that shouldn’t be discounted.  Also, under Section 4, it’s possible for these jurisdictions to exempt themselves from “special coverage” if they can demonstrate a 10-year record of not discriminating against minority voters. But disenfranchisement is so much fun! Who can go 10 whole years?

Before the ink was even dry, Texas, Mississippi and North Carolina were moving ahead with restrictive new voting laws.  South Carolina’s Attorney General (and white guy) Alan Wilson lauded the Court:

“For nearly 50 years, Sections 4 and 5 have imposed an extraordinary intrusion into state sovereignty in certain states, including South Carolina,” Wilson said in a statement posted on the attorney general’s website. “Over time, great strides have been made and Sections 4 and 5 have become obsolete.

This is gonna end well.

I am neither a “Strict Constructionist” nor someone who whines about “Judicial Activism.” These are hollow labels anyway. At the appellate level, all judges are activists of varying shades. Each judge brings a specific background, worldview, and in some cases, interpretation to the bench. The  term “judicial activism” is a pejorative the Right likes to throw around when it doesn’t agree with a Court’s decision.

But next time Scalia or any of these other conservative jags drop a “judicial restraint” or “activism” reference, feel free to call them on overturning a 50-year-old law rooted in direct Constitutional text and reauthorized by more than a 10-1 margin by our Legislative Branch on multiple occasions.  It won’t take long. Could be tomorrow today.

Update:  It was today.

Scalia: “We have no power under the Constitution to invalidate this democratically adopted legislation.” [dissent in DOMA]


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GOP Outreach Enters Sexy Cannibalism Phase

Posted by Matt on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

haroldMeet 2003 Ms. America Erika Harold.  The Urbana, Illinois native and former Chicago attorney is currently running for Congress against current Rep. and fellow republican, Rodney Davis.

Her decision to run in the 2014 primary angered some fellow republicans, including (now former) Montgomery Co. GOP chairman Jim Allen.  He sent an angry email to a GOP website that he might have cut n’ pasted from some deranged internet commenter.

Rodney Davis will win and the love child of the D.N.C. will be back in Shitcago by May of 2014 working for some law firm that needs to meet their quota for minority hires,” he wrote. “… Now, miss queen is being used like a street walker and her pimps are the DEMOCRAT PARTY and RINO REPUBLICANS.

Ms. Harold is black.  She’s also Harvard-educated, pretty and articulate.  She might be the GOP’s unicorn.  Also, since Mo Rocca and one of the Real Houswives ask tougher public policy questions to Trump Industries’ Pageant contestants than John King does to our elected leaders, I would say she’s more than prepared for the big stage of soulless corporatist water-carrying.

Jim Allen disagrees. He has since stepped down, which I guess should be considered progress for the Downstate-IL GOP.

Montgomery County is only 95.1% white, but don’t let that fool you. Some of this country’s best racists are located in this swath of farm and village.  Ms. Harold should have a lot of fun on the campaign trail.

But it’s ok. Allen apologized to Harold. Via text. Because that’s what men do.

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Defend The Weak And The Fatherless…And Also Monsanto. Poor, Poor Monsanto

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Back in March, our federal government was in the midst of Seques-travaganza.  On a random Friday afternoon, and in order to avoid a government shutdown, Congress passed a comprehensive bill that included something called the Farmers Assurance Provision. What does it assure?

Usually, any new GMO crops need to be approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and legal challenges can be filed to stop a seed from being planted until it undergoes a more vigorous review. But opponents of section 735, the “Monsanto Protection Act,” claim the bill eliminates regulatory checks and judicial review.


In a statement to MSN News, a USDA spokesperson said, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack “has asked the Office of General Council to review this provision as it appears to preempt judicial review of a deregulatory action which may make the provision unenforceable.”

But in the meantime – keep planting those Round-up resistant Lab Seeds.

Here’s the weird part:  This amendment was not “sponsored” and was inserted anonymously.   I’m not a parliamentarian and am not familiar with intricate legislative procedure becauszzzzzz.  So is this weird or something that happens often?

Apparently, no one but Jon Tester (D-MT) read it, and by that time it was too late because the “shutdown” needed to be avoided.  So what’s the point again? From Huff Po:

Federal courts have recently ruled that the U.S. Department of Agriculture had failed to consider the potential harm some genetically engineered crops may have, and acted too hastily in approving their sale. The industry fought back with the [Monsanto Protection Act], preventing the enforcement of court rulings.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) has been trying to get this act repealed but is encountering quite a few roadblocks. For instance, Merkley is not allowed to add an amendment to the Farm Bill, but you can sometimes just anonymously slide giveaways into a spending/budget bill because that’s what Bank of America would do.

Even worse is how this shameful giveaway became law. It was inserted anonymously, and without review into the must-pass budget bill to avoid government shutdown in March.

CNN said that “the law passed without most of Congress even knowing about it.”2 Jon Stewart put it a different way: “The laws of the most powerful nation on earth are written with the same level of accountability as internet comments.”3


HaSadHa, Jon Daily.

So help fight the uphill battle…

Sign Petition Here.

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George W. Bush Helped Save Lives – It’s The Truth

Posted by Matt on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

looks great o'hai sequester.

looks great o’hai sequester.

Amidst a constant stream of poor and destructive 2003 decisions, George W. Bush did something that should be considered his crowning achievement (unless you’re a billionaire or esteemed magnate of the military-industrial complex or Both!).  In fact, it might be the only substantial and positive contribution he made to the planet before picking up a mirror and a paintbrush.  However, chronic boobery aside, he deserves to be lauded.

10 years ago, the United States expanded on Bill Clinton’s global initiative to combat HIV/AIDS, when on March 27th, 2003, President Bush signed the US’ President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, better known by its acronym PEPFAR.

At the time that PEPFAR was conceived of and then established during the George W. Bush administration, the world was witnessing first-hand the destruction of an entire generation of individuals in the prime years of their lives and the reversal of remarkable health and development gains, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and to a lesser extent in other developing nations. Rates of new HIV infections were rising rapidly, and hospitals, communities, and families were often too under-resourced and overwhelmed to cope with the enormity of this burden. At that time in 2003, despite the availability of life-saving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in most countries in the developed world, in southern Africa and other regions of the developing world, an HIV diagnosis meant a virtual death sentence, since few had access to such drugs.

This is a notable issue.  Many government officials balked at providing wide-scale treatment, and wanted to instead focus solely on prevention.  One US government official said that Africans wouldn’t be able to take their medication consistently because “they didn’t have watches.” The seemingly arbitrary differences in pharmaceutical pricing of ARTs were also a hang-up. However, they persevered.

Today, as we mark the 10th anniversary of PEPFAR, the situation has changed dramatically. Plummeting life expectancy rates in much of Africa have been reversed; HIV-infected, but healthy, fathers and mothers who are receiving therapy are able to return to work, care for their families, and spur economic development. Doctors, nurses, and community health workers, who once had little to offer their patients beyond a more dignified death, are delivering life-saving ART to millions of people. AIDS-related mortality has declined by more than 26 percent since its peak in 2005. Where despair once cut a devastating swath through so many communities and countries, hope has been renewed.

With regard to the prevention of HIV infection, globally, in the decade since PEPFAR began, new HIV infections have declined by nearly 19 percent. Between 2009 and 2011, new HIV infections among children, still an important component of the epidemic in many southern African countries and other regions in the developing world, declined by 24 percent globally, compared to a 23 percent decline in the previous six years. Not only is progress happening, but its pace is accelerating.

PEPFAR is not perfect.  In its early days, too many resources were pushed towards abstinence-only programs. There are issues with family planning and contraception access as well.  Condom distribution is part of the program, but that’s it.  Still, look at the numbers below:

PEPFAR now estimates that it has provided life-saving treatment for more than 5.1 million people—a number that is set to go up and likely exceed the 6 million target set for the end of 2013.  In 2012 alone, it also provided treatment for 750,000 HIV-positive women to help prevent the transmission of HIV to their babies and support and care for more than 5 million orphans and vulnerable children.

The term “American Exceptionalism” makes me cringe, but if we’re looking for true examples of high-minded ideals, isn’t this it?  A bipartisan achievement that brought together names like Durbin, Santorum, Pelosi and Isakson in order to assist in saving a generation of people from deadly disease. When conservatives scoff about ‘soft power,’ or the relatively small amount of money spent on foreign aid, they do so derisively – decimating the discourse and dehumanizing those this country has helped. Isn’t this the type of undertaking the richest and most powerful country in the world should pursue?

PEPFAR has also been a common cause of three US Presidents: President Bush, whose steadfast political leadership was critical in PEPFAR’s early years; President Obama, who has expanded treatment and prevention targets; and President Clinton, who has championed the program since leaving office.

Here’s to another 10 years of growth, program improvements, and ultimately saving more lives.

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Commie Hussein Obama Can’t Keep Country From Hemorrahging Public Workers

Posted by Matt on Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Job trends don’t always reflect conventional narratives.


The above graph relates to private sector job growth during Bush + Obama terms.  Obviously, Obama took office shortly after the ’08 economic collapse – the worst in 3 generations.  To be fair, Bush took office during a period of tepid growth following the burst of the stock market bubble.

At the end of Mr. Bush’s second term, private employment was collapsing, and there were net 665,000 jobs lost during Mr. Bush’s two terms.

The recovery has been sluggish under Mr. Obama’s presidency too, and there were only 1,933,000 more private sector jobs at the end of Mr. Obama’s first term.  A couple of months into Mr. Obama’s second term, there are now 2,282,000 more private sector jobs than when he took office.


But what about Big Government Obama? Stimulus. Obamacare. Basketball.



A big difference between Mr. Bush’s tenure in office and Mr. Obama’s presidency has been public sector employment. The public sector grew during Mr. Bush’s term (up 1,748,000 jobs), but the public sector has declined since Obama took office (down 718,000 jobs). These job losses have mostly been at the state and local level, but they are still a significant drag on overall employment.

Dozens of election cycles focused on Obama’s middling job numbers without drawing this distinction.  Obviously many of these jobs were at the state and local level – governments similarly hit by crippling financial crisis (for some) of ’08 and the subsequent loss in revenue.

Austerity measures are hurting job growth (and worse) in all corners of the globe.  As the economy strengthens, maybe a little reinvestment will help job numbers match other economic growth numbers and we can all capture a sliver more than the 7% the top-1% is leaving for us…

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Scott Walker – You’re not…You’re not Good.

Posted by Matt on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

" '5' is the number of scandals I promise in 2013!"

” ’5′ is the number of scandals I promise in 2013!”

Despite courageous union-busting and fundraising efforts, Governor Scott Walker is having a rough time turning America’s Dairyland into Galt’s Gulch.  (Of course, Galt’s Gulch isn’t real, but not everyone knows this.)

[WI] has fallen from 11th to 44th in job creation since Walker took  office.

The good news is that Walker created a taxpayer-funded pseudo-private agency to address this specific issue.  The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is just the shot-in-the-arm the state needs to aid in job creation and create a ”business friendly” environment.  We’re looking forward to a new future starting in July, 2011. Whoops.

In effect for 2 years, the WEDC is running pretty smoothly except for the job creation part, right?

 the WEDC has not done a good job of that since it became operational in July 2011 under its former CEO, Paul Jadin. The former Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce president left the position after 16 months amid reports of a lack of oversight of $56 million in loans.

Ok, but other than the job creation and the initial growing pains and mismanagement, the WEDC is doing a great job, eh?

[2013] Auditors said employees of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., a  quasi-private entity, made a number of questionable and unexplained purchases,  including season tickets to UW-Madison football games and iTunes gift cards, [alcohol], and  contracted for services without conducting open and competitive selection processes.

But still – Badger games are irresistible and these suits need to learn words to recent urban hit “Jump Around,” which is played between the 3rd and 4th Quarters.  Hence the booze and iTunes gift cards.

So maybe there’s a little bit of waste in the agency, but other than the job creation, and the mismanagement, and the ethics considerations, and the monetary waste, Walker has maintained a pretty clean record through his first term.  Correct?

‘What about John Doe?

In all, Milwaukee County prosecutors brought charges against six individuals as a result of the probe, which was opened in May 2010. Of those, three were former Walker aides, one was an appointee and another a major campaign contributor.

Walker’s total legal tab due to the John Doe probe: $650,000. Prosecutors closed the case without bringing charges against the governor or anyone in his current administration.

What about John Doe? This happened before he took office – doesn’t count. (Just like when he got busted for dirty campaign tricks at that college he never graduated from.)

Walker’s deputy chief of staff, Tim Russell, was sentenced in January to two years in prison for stealing from a charity meant for military combat veterans and their families.


Walker’s Veterans Services Commissioner Kevin Kavanaugh was convicted in December of stealing $51,000 from a charity for military combat veterans. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

That’s essentially the same as the last one.  No double-dipping.

Computers and cellphones seized from the home shared by former Walker aide Timothy Russell and his domestic partner [& GOP Operative] Brian Pierick revealed a series of text messages that Pierick exchanged with a 17 year old boy from Waukesha, Wisc. in 2010.  As a result, Pierick was charged on Thursday with child enticement and causing a child to expose his genitals.

First of all, what about the liberal media?  Second, we can’t all surround ourselves with Albert Einstein’s and Bob Loblaw’s.

Folks. No one is better equipped to take Wisconsin from 11th to 44th and back to 39th better than Scott Walker.  That’s exactly why he’s the guy national Republicans want to lead them into the future via the past!

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Noose Hung At Mayoral Candidate’s Office Inspires Mississippi-est Comment Of Year

Posted by Matt on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

stuffed animals holding noose.

stuffed animals holding noose.

Meridian, Mississippi was the home of  James Chaney, one of the 3 Civil Rights workers killed in the notorious 1964 murders in neighboring Neshoba County.  50 years later…

Noose hung at Meridian mayoral candidate’s office

MERIDIAN:  Someone hung a noose with a stuffed animal outside the office a Meridian mayoral candidate.

Meridian police tell WTOK-TV they found a hooded baby blanket with a stuffed dog’s head hanging by a noose Thursday morning. It was outside the insurance office of Percy Bland, a Democratic candidate for mayor. Bland is black.

Bland says he refuses to be intimidated and will continue his campaign. He faces Rod Amos in the May 7 Democratic primary.

At the end of the Clarion Ledger’s article was a lone comment so of course I had to take a look because I don’t like myself.  Commenter Sam Harrell wonders the following: Why wasn’t the article headlined like “Someone hung a stuffed animal on the candidate’s office”?

Oh hey – great question. It’s almost like the paper is implying a noose has some sort of historical symbolism. Where do they pull this stuff from?  I don’t know. I’m just a Yankee with a Netflix subscription.

But what kind of stuffed dog was it and where did it come from?! (A: ?/China)

I guess when someone looks at the Clarion Ledger’s comment section, he gets what he deserves.  Don’t look at comment sections, kids.

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After Volumes Of Studies On Importance Of Pre-K Education, Spending On It Lowest In A Decade Because ‘Screw It’

Posted by Matt on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


WASHINGTON (AP) — State funding for pre-kindergarten programs had its largest drop ever last year and states are now spending less per child than they did a decade ago, according to a report released Monday.

The researchers also found that more than a half million of those preschool students are in programs that don’t even meet standards suggested by industry experts that would qualify for federal dollars. And 10 states don’t offer any dollars to pay for prekindergarten classrooms.

Brought to you by the letter "7"

whatever, oldz

Good early education has been linked to lower crime rates, better academic performance and billions in economic long-term economic benefits. Secretary Sebelious?

“This year’s report has some pretty grim news but I think it also highlights the urgency for the historic investment in early education that the president called for in his State of the Union,” said Sebelius, whose department runs the Head Start programs for the poorest young students.

The President called for funding public preschool for any 4-year-old whose family income was below twice the federal poverty rate and proposed a $1.95/pack federal cigarette tax to pay for the expansion.

But since it doesn’t deal with lessening flight delays before a congressional recess, it probably won’t go anywhere in Congress.

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