Michigan’s Bat Shit Crazy Lame Duck Session: It’s Your Turn Ladies

Posted by Matt on Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Yesterday I indicated when I moved to Michigan I must have taken a wrong turn and ended up in Alabama.  Here’s some southern fried Anti-Reproductive Rights FTW:

The Michigan State Senate passed HB 5711, an omnibus anti-abortion bill that sparked widespread protests over the summer when it was first considered in the House, by a 27-10 vote on Wednesday afternoon. The legislation has been stalled since it passed Michigan’s House in June.

Cialis-soaked gentlemen feeling their lame duck oats at the Capitol.  Lay it on us…

HB 5711 would impose a host of new restrictions on women seeking to terminate a pregnancy — such as requiring doctors to prove that their patients haven’t been “coerced” into having the procedure, limiting abortion access for women in rural areas, and imposing guidelines for disposing of fetal remains in the same way that the state disposes of dead bodies. The legislation also seeks to mandate unnecessarily and complicated regulations that could force the state’s abortion clinics out of business.

You read this right.  Unless you’re lucky enough to discover your unplanned and unwanted pregnancy within the proposed 10-weeks, you have to get a fetus coffin or get the fetus cremated.  If it’s at 20?

For fetuses at 20 weeks gestation, a death certificate must be obtained…

Man, I can’t think of any practical problems or legal questions this might ignite.

So…There are new restrictions, but at least women’s’ health clinics will remain open, right?

any doctors who perform abortions would have to make costly and unnecessary renovations to their clinics — even if they only administer the morning-after pill.2 The dramatic effect of all this needless regulation is the closure of most Michigan health centers that provide abortions, and the remaining ones will be forced to charge much higher fees for services that one in three women will need some time in their life.

Soon, if the state doesn’t like what you’re doing with your uterus, don’t be surprised if the governor appoints it an Emergency Manager.

Hail to the Captors!

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