Where’s Your Cy Young Messiah Now, Dan Burton?

Posted by Matt on Friday, August 20th, 2010

Not that there’s anything inherently unusual about a 42 year old man throwing a baseball 96 MPH, but I’ve never really trusted Roger Clemens. Maybe it’s just me.

WASHINGTON — Seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens was indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday for allegedly lying to Congress about using steroids and growth hormone. The criminal case writes a new chapter in one of Major League Baseball’s worst scandals, the rampant use of performance enhancing drugs.

A six-count indictment alleges that Clemens obstructed a congressional inquiry with 15 different statements that he made under oath in 2008, including denials that he had ever used steroids or human growth hormone. The indictment says that he lied and committed perjury regarding the same matters.

The former pitcher and his former trainer, Brian McNamee, testified under oath at a 2008 hearing before a House committee and contradicted each other about whether Clemens had used performance-enhancing drugs.

This is not going to help Clemens’ troubled defamation suit.  One guy who is likely crushed is Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN). Back during the House Hearings, Burton took to the CSPAN in defense of his boyhood hero/mancrush.  The Grandstanding gets pretty good around 8:15.

Burton also has a pretty sweet Clemens-luuuv-fest with Hannity/Geraldo. I know who’s catching!


Of all the Roid guys, a conviction in this case would suit me pretty, pretty, pretty good.  Roger always stood out as a fraud in the Sosa/McGwire mold, but he also had the ignorant arrogance that couldn’t be more obnoxious.  I know the whole, “Government should be doing more important stuff like passing the small business bill, blah blah blah…” message does make sense, but I’m still ecstatic the Feds took the time to ring him up. Fucking fraud.  No, youuuure outta here!

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